Renacen wins Crystal Cabin Awards in the category of Visionary Concepts with 3D SeatMapVR
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3D SeatMapVR: Crystal Cabin Award, the trends in air travel 2018
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3D SeatMapVR: The Best in Flying, competitors for Crystal Cabin Awards
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Renacen 3D SeatMapVR goes to Silicon Valley immersion program
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Renacen wins the 10th ROS Innovation Award
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3D SeatMapVR Spanish National TV (TVE)

Spanish National TV (TVE) recently visited our offices to report on our technology and our latest achievements, as an international success story. This report has repercussions at different levels, and is an acknowledgement for which we are very grateful and which encourages us to continue giving the best of ourselves.

Renacen 3D SeatMapVR goes to Silicon Valley

The company, based in the facilities of Badajoz of the Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Extremadura and dedicated to the development of software and integral technological solutions, is one of the ten companies selected in Spain to establish contact with potential investors, partners and customers that allow it to expand market in Silicon Valley and expand to the United States.

3D SeatMapVR, the future of the seat maps visualization

This is an application that provides the user with a detailed view from the exact position of the seat in which he or she is travelling. With it you can get an idea of the space it will have, the materials that are made, the place where the emergency exits are located or the locations of the windows, among other aspects.

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