SmartRetia, futuristic control centers

With SmartRetia, it is possible to coordinate and manage Command and Control centers like never before, thanks to its Natural User Interface and its integration of 2D, 3D and Business Intelligence elements in the same screen. It is a multi-user, multitouch and multilayer solution designed to optimize decision making and workflow in these environments.

NUI revolution, all the power in your finguers

The platforms based on Natural User Interfaces represent a revolution in the way we interact with the devices that surround us. Feel the interaction capabilities that your hands give you, being able to perform any kind of task in a natural way just by touching the screen, minimizing learning curves and maximizing the efficiency of the organization. You are your most powerful control tool.

Immersive experiencies for your custumers

Thanks to the integration of 3D elements and the use of Virtual Reality, we can create more immersive interfaces that make the most of the information represented, making the user go from being a spectator to part of the system, in a natural and fluid way. Doing this, the user experience is enhanced, obtaining a better representation, closer to reality.

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