Let the passengers experience what they are paying for

Have you ever wonder how it would be to watch in a first person view the seat that you are about to purchase buy, before actually buying it?

Now you can do it, thanks to 3D SeatMapVR, using a clear, simple and functional interface which integrates in the purchase process.

Get to know, during the purchase, what your seat offers to you, how wide it is, the leg room available, where it is placed related to toilets, to the aisle, the materials it is made of, extras, etc.

High compatibility

100% web based. >95 % compatibility browser (desktop & mobile)

Booking process

Integrated in the web booking process. All the airline´s online channels.

Non invasive integration in the booking engine. You don´t need to make any changes in your backend.

VR Mode

Amazing immersive experience with VR Mode in all kind of cardboard glasses.

Amazing immersive experience with VR Mode

In VR mode, 3D SeatMapVR is compatible with all kind of VR glasses. You don’t need more expensive models like HTC Vibe or Oculus Rift, it will work just fine with Google Cardboard. It uses the accelerometer of your smartphone to track the movement of your head and show you the view from the right position.

3D SeatMapVR Main features

SeatMap3D offers a 3D 360 degrees immersive view, based on detailed virtual models. As we don’t work with photographic environment capture, it makes our product much more flexible to allow changes, updates and modifications like new materials, seats relocation, different lightning setups, etc.

High compability & easy integration

3DSeatMapVR supports desktop mode for web browsers, as well as mobile devices and Stereo VR visualization mode. It’s designed to be used in booking process and landing pages. The implementation process is a very low-invasive one, being very easy to set up and get to production in a short time.

Advanced VR Mode

Immersive experience with step-by-step navigation and all kind of interactive information.

VR Selector
AR Mode
Keep on moving

Computer generated

Realistic 3D Models

Computer generated

Full cabin and seats customization with different quality levels without increasing the size of assets.

Lightweight libraries

Easy and non-invasive integration

Lightweight libraries

Easy integration, keeping all the logic of availability and prices in the airline’s main system.

100% web


100% web

High compatibility with all types of devices and browsers (Web technology)

Enjoy our last TV report about 3D SeatMapVR

Spanish National TV (TVE) recently visited our offices to report on our technology and our latest achievements, as an international success story. This report has repercussions at different levels, and is an acknowledgement for which we are very grateful and which encourages us to continue giving the best of ourselves.

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